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Dandelions have always been a wonder to me.  I’ve forever loved their beauty and brightness where others often see only weeds.  Call it a gift, or call it denial, but I loved when my kids would bring me some clutched in their sweet, dirty palms.  To me, there’s no purer gift than that of a child seeing something they think is beautiful,  transferring that to “mom would like these”, and then hurrying  to deliver them in all their glory.  Most adults lose the thrill of the sweet, bright blooms that quickly translate into furry seed-bearers to our yards.  I can’t help but believe that God saw children as the best way to propagate the little plants, as who can resist blowing those seeds to the four winds?

A new artsy friend makes beautiful jewelry, with a sideline of spiritual encouragement (free).  She shared a picture of her latest creation, a dandelion necklace, which just hit my heart in a certain way today.  It’s been a tough season of life, and I can really relate to that dandelion gone-to-seed.

God has blessed my life in so many incredible ways, and I am always grateful to Him.  But life is never without the tough things, many self-imposed, and I’m forever dealing with fall-out.  I lose perspective when I navel-gaze, over-worrying about the past, present and future of which I have no control.  No matter how many times I preach truth to my heart, reminding myself of His love and sovereignty, I forget.  I’ve always been okay with relating to the bright yellow weed of God’s sovereign plan, but when I am becoming that gone-to-seed dandelion, with a tenuous existence and feeling like my place in life is shifting big-time, then I lose my joy.

But perspective on grace and letting go of permanence helps me realize that I need to be that cottony weed going-to-pieces.  Clinging to life and purpose and significance keeps me from reproducing out of fear of loss.  I tend to become self-protective and isolated and introspective, and it keeps me from people and sacrifice and investing for eternity.

I just ordered that sweet artwork as a reminder to my soul.  Life is ALWAYS tenuous at best, but God has set the value on a life, no matter what I or anyone else determine.  I’m trusting that God will use what He will and bring about a season of new life in the midst of change.


 “The eternal God is your dwelling place, and underneath are the everlasting arms.”  Deut. 34:12




Moses, speaking his final blessing upon Israel, foresaw and reminded them that “there is none like God…who rides through the heavens to your help.”  God was eager and always there to come to the aid of Israel.  None like our God.  That is true for us as well. 


So, why do we run to other things, and other resources and worldly sources for answers or help?  We have the eternal God and His wisdom always there, but it’s not enough for us, seemingly. 


My own heart is quick to run to a friend, my husband, a self-help book or trusted author or speaker for help with whatever is going on in my life.  Sometimes, I think what we consider the little things are what we are quicker to source out to others.  I personally feel, often, that this is too little to bother God with, and really, after all, I should have a handle on it by now. 


But, God is a God who cares about details, and the details of my life are no exception, for it’s in those little things that big things are made.  The shaping of my character, my heart, my inclinations, my attitudes, are all in the little things If I cannot commit the nuances of my life to a loving, infinitely-wise God, then I will fail to trust Him in the big things. 


As I develop a deeper walk with Him, studying His Word so I KNOW what He says, and opening the recesses of my inner thought processes to be exposed to His light and truth, then my very framework will be molded into a pattern designed to trust Him and talk to Him by default.  It will become my habit to talk to my closest friend about whatever struggle or question comes into my life. 


Do I trust Him fully?  Do I believe that He loves me unconditionally?  Then my daily habits will be open to the scrutiny of my Father, and I will relinquish my hold and control over those little things…that make the big things.