I became a mother for the first time 28 years ago today…another Sunday. It was in less than ideal circumstances, but my young mother’s heart was thrilled to finally hold my precious newborn. Motherhood caused me to grow up and to learn unselfishness for the love of another. 2 A.M. feedings, endless diapers, teething, spit-up and such are not as easily endured when there is no one with whom to share them. All those “cute” moments are even painful sometimes…a kind of angst of what your child is missing. Yet I adored everything she did and we balanced work, school & dating sometimes, until I met her daddy. He later adopted her as his, and though he is not her biological father, he is definitely her daddy. Anyone who can out-cry me at milestones is worthy of the title.

We have been so blessed with three more beautiful children whom I love just as much, but somehow that “first,” with all we went through together, will always hold a special place in my heart.

I have been doing a Bible study about the patriarchs, and interestingly enough, the part I read yesterday was about Hagar, the Egyptian slave, who was cast out by Sarah & Abraham when she was expecting a baby brought about by their own scheming to “fix” things for God. God intervened for this one who was cast aside.  Often God designated names for Himself or others, but this is the only time a person gives God a name.  El Roi…the God who Sees. Whom did He see? A young woman cast out with her child…the father abandoning his responsibility for that child. Perhaps you have never been down that road or experienced being a single mother (of your own course or not)…but I am here to testify that 28 years ago, a gracious God generously gave a naive, immature young woman another chance at life. He has restored me and given me blessings beyond measure. Surely not because I was always obedient or wise or altogether lovely. It is by His grace and His mercy that He bends down in His amazing, boundless compassion to the hurting, lonely souls who cry out in desperation for Him. I have learned so much about God as He has walked me through those times. He is always good, always gracious, always there. Unmerited favor is the definition for grace…He not only forgave & restored me, but He gave me a beautiful reminder of that journey that I have seen nearly every day for the past 28 years. Thank you, Father, for seeing me.